Welcome to The Bungalow Chef!

“The Bungalow Chef,” Mike Mech, brings Vintage Culinary from the hearth and home of a Classic Chicago Style Craftsmen Bungalow to life, with tried and true traditional culinary techniques and methods. Explore the Bungalow to see what’s cooking!

Heirloom Recipes

Everyone has them, those handwritten notes from family long past, that end up in that shoe box, in that unreachable cabinet above the oven, or the ever famous catch-all drawer.  Names like Grandma Shades Pecan Crescents, Shirley’s Wartime Fudge, and more; to be shared, and remembered, for future generations!

Bridging Vintage Recipes with Classic Culinary Techniques

At Bungalow Chef, culinary foodology and techniques are paired with vintage recipes. Terms such as roux, duxelle, caramelization, sweating, temper, fond, deglazing, and so many others, bring a new culinary twist to these classic recipes! So watch the “Bungalow Chef” Mike Mech, and visit the website often!