Welcome to The Bungalow Chef!

Mike Mech, The Bungalow Chef, brings his old family recipes to today’s kitchen tables and shares the informative and entertaining stories of their past. He brings a new life to timeless recipes and inspires a new generation of food lovers to recreate the classic dishes of yesterday.

Old Family Recipes

Everyone has them…handwritten recipes that end up in a shoe box, the cabinet above the oven, or the ever famous catch-all drawer.  And they all have names like Grandma’s Pecan Crescents or Shirley’s Wartime Fudge. Look for some of The Bungalow Chef’s favorites on his Recipe Revival blog.

What’s in a Name

As an adult, Mike Mech returned to the neighborhood of his youth and purchased a classic Chicago style bungalow. This was where Mike trick-or-treated for Halloween, shoveled snow and even sold Cub Scout candy to the original owners. And today, it’s the perfect place to stir up memories one recipe at a time.