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Grandma Esther’s German Potato Salad

She was the life of the party, and so was her Potato Salad! Everyone had a family member that, as we were growing up, was the “Bringer of the Potato Salad” for every holiday, birthday, and graduation celebration. Mine was my Grandmother Esther, from a long line of Blue Islanders dating from the 1860’s. She […]

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Apple Pie

Autumn is here and I just returned from a weekend in the country, with apples everywhere! I attended the Autumn Festival in Sharon Springs, New York, home of regional farms and the Fabulous Beekman Boys. Don’t know their story? Two guys from Manhattan went on a country apple picking adventure and ended up buying a […]

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Grilled Sweet Corn

with rosemary and vanilla butter I created this while working as a Food Research and Development Chef and the complexity of flavors makes it one of my favorite summer recipes! Sweet corn is a reward of the “Dog Days” of summer. (True Blue Islanders remember Dog Days a little differently. How many of us obtained […]

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Freezer Dill Pickles

Summertime is almost over, yet cucumbers keep on growing at an alarming rate. This easy-to-make recipe allows you to keep the cucumber flavor year round. After the cucumbers, garlic, and onions are sliced, (I like to use a Kitchen Madeline) it becomes a great “Cooking School” project for the young adults in the household. The […]

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Shirley’s Baked Beans

With summertime BBQs and gatherings approaching, it brings back memories of the Fourth of July as a kid: bikes with streamers and crepe paper woven between the spokes, parades, saluting and honoring veterans, and flying high the “Red, White and Blue!” I will share a true favorite – my mother Shirley’s Baked Beans – the highlight of many backyard summertime […]

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Corn Chowder Recipe

This time of year we all look forward to home and hearth time, with a cozy fire roaring, a great book, with HGTV, or a football game on tv. My favorite chowder recipe trends itself for all of the above. Easy, quick, hearty, and full of flavor. Although I truly support the “Farm to Table,” […]

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Shirley’s Wartime Fudge

This was a favorite of my father, Lou Mech. Mom was great in the kitchen and I heard many a story of the care packages that went overseas during World War II. During mail call my father made many new friends! In later years, I can remember my mother at the stove, making this recipe […]

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Classic Onion Tart

I love recipes you can do tricks with by changing up ingredients, depending on the season, and offering options for serving, either as an appetizer or serving as an entrée, depending on the mood of the evening! The basic recipe is from the Grand Master Chef Willy Rahmig, truly one of the first celebrity chefs, […]

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Classic Stovetop Rice Pudding

How often, when you make white rice do you overestimate, or when you have a craving for Chinese food, and you order in – what’s always left…the rice! Well here is a simple vintage stovetop recipe to re-purpose that rice into a dessert or breakfast treat! Click Here to View Recipe   Print PDF

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The Bungalow Chef’s Cracker Pie

View the original “Mock Apple (Cracker) Pie” by Mary Stein as well as The Bungalow Chef’s Cracker Pie Recipes! Click Here to View Recipes Print PDF

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